What is 鋳造


A pattern for product manufacture is chosen depending on materials, form and dimensions.


For efficiency and precision during manufacture, mass-produced items make use of metal molds, while small amounts and test units use resin molds.

Binding material and other additives are blended into sand used for casting metal, especially for creating molds.

A mixture of iron is melted in the furnace to create high temperature molten metal.


The mold is placed inside a frame. Then it is packed with sand to make the top and bottom of the sand mold.

Cores are made in the same way as the main pattern.


Molten metal is poured into the sand molds. After pouring it is allowed to cool for a suitable period.

The top and bottom of the sand mold is separated and the product is taken out.


Clinging sand on the product surface is removed. Unnecessary parts are shaved off.

Clinging sand on the product, presence of defects, and accuracy of dimensions are inspected.


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