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We aim to be a company that cares for the environment and brings joy to people.

Since our founding in 1937, our company has grown as a manufacturer of cast iron parts for automobiles.

We believe that our history of continuously producing cast products with "customer-first attitude" has earned us the trust of auto manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers.

In addition, our brand "Mountain" has received high marks in the auto parts markets of the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere around the world.

The Advantages of Nishioka
Malleable Iron Ind.


Point 1

Technology designed to eliminate diverse problems

We apply our wealth of experience and casting analysis tools along with technology designed to eliminate porosity, fluidity problems, and other issues.


Point 2

The ability to propose materials that satisfy the needs of customers

We can propose special materials that suit the products being made. We have an extensive track record with heat-resistant cast iron, quenched and tempered materials, and FCD (ductile cast iron) for thin walls.


Point 3

An integrated production system that makes quick delivery

Our integrated production system covers everything from casting to shipping, allowing us to offer shorter turnaround in the overall process from drawing creation to the start of mass production.


Point 4

Tier1 quality assurance

As a Tier1 automotive company, we’ve developed a quality assurance system that ensures traceability.


Point 5

Development technology for the ongoing challenge of globalization

We can propose advanced proprietary technologies in areas such as design, strength analysis, materials, and VE/VA by utilizing development technology from our brand "Mountain" of brake discs, which continue to be popular worldwide.